What business were not using whatsapp right now?

Wafvel boost productivity & profit!

Scheduled whatsapp chat, manage multiple whatsapp account in one dashboard.

Wafvel Multi Device Beta

Main Features

Modern & Simple Dashboard

Just start add / syncing your Whatsapp number and contacts, go to campaigns menu, fill just one form and that's it!

Your campaign will start in background, as simple as that.

Our Dashboard is full responsive mean you can work or view your campaign stats anywhere.

Multiple Whatsapp Account

Wafvel support multiple whatsapp account. Split your number, dedicate 1 number for marketing, 1 for billing, and 1 for support. Or do it your way!

Wafvel use headless whatsapp web and will save your session. You can use your phone to work or replying a chat, no need to put your phone on standby! Just make sure it connected to internet.


Send combination of message, images, videos, sticker, gif, or contact. Endless Creativity!

You can consume this API for your business needs, like: order notification, support ticket, etc.

Inbox & Outbox

Get your inbox and outbox here in wafvel!

Anytime and anywhere, you will see your message in dashboard.


  • 1 Whatsapp Accounts
  • API Access & Webhook
  • 100000 Chats / Messages
  • No Chat Watermark
USD 10 monthly
Rp 150.000,- per bulan
  • 5 Whatsapp Accounts
  • API Access & Webhook
  • 500000 Chats / Messages
  • No Chat Watermark
USD 45 monthly
Rp 650.000,- per bulan
  • 10 Whatsapp Accounts
  • API Access & Webhook
  • Unlimited Chats / Messages
  • No Chat Watermark
USD 85 monthly
Rp 1.250.000,- per bulan

Full Feature List

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